by Rigrug

    Reading sequence > right to left https://www.facebook.com/therianthropecomic This is a Fantasy, action, romance story In a world where unrest is ram...

    lycan, Fantasy

  • Lycan

    by Svitz

    Urban Fantasy Werewolf Drama /updates Tuesday/ Lycanthropy. An incurable virus affecting millions worldwide. With the right care and management, an...

    lycan, LGBTQ+

  • The Lycan Doctor

    by Tuttlebird

    Assassin, mercenary, prostitute... and the last of an extinct species? The mysterious boy that Nafan stumbles upon is obviously far more than what he ...

    lycan, BL, Fantasy, Action

  • Surviving the apocalypse as a werewolf! manxman BL/Yaoi

    by V Cris

    Three years in the zombie apocalypse and all resources starts to become scarce and expired; especially for me, one of those who did not live as a Camp...

    lycan, BL

  • A Fateful Encounter

    by Amber King

    After escaping a lycanthropy testing facility, Owen runs for all he's worth. During his escape, Owen was shot with a silver bullet coated in wolfsbane...

    lycan, Romance


    by FleshCreature

    ELYSIUM is a story that revolves around a girl named Sayarh, who is in a precious hunt for a cube, which is said to grant anyone any wish once all its...

    lycan, Fantasy

  • Learning to Love

    by Amber King

    Vallen is an omega doing his best to please his new alpha and mate, Zane. Zane is a brash, headstrong Alpha with no idea how to treat a soft-hearted O...

    lycan, BL

  • Echo of the First Born

    by JBoston

    Those who hope for happy endings are fools. Happy fools, but fools nonetheless. Fate can be a cruel mistress; a lesson he learned all too well. Si...

    lycan, Action

  • BloodLycan

    by Amanda Scopel

    A crueldade humana marcou com sangue a vida de John e seu irmão mais novo, Allec. Com uma linhagem antiga e temida correndo em suas veias, foram desde...

    lycan, Fantasy


    by Glasssvial2121

    Once upon a time, Lycans were on top of the food chain, until humans took over. Conner, an alpha Lycan, is held as a slave by the well-known and wealt...

    lycan, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

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