• Lycan

    by Svitz

    Urban Fantasy Werewolf Drama /updates Tuesday/ Lycanthropy. An incurable virus affecting millions worldwide. With the right care and management, an...

    lycanthropy, LGBTQ+

  • Lycanthropy and Me

    by trixterdark

    Meet Hunter Reeds--the new werewolf on campus. That kid with crutches in the back of your class with an overbite? That's him. Fresh off a full moon, a...

    lycanthropy, BL, Science fiction, Mystery

  • Iron & Ivy

    by ScarletDemon

    Another story set in the world of the Warlords, however not New York, not London, nor Paris or Tokyo or any other cities like that is where this story...

    lycanthropy, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Trading Kisses and a Curse

    by B. Alvis

    Bailey isn't sure he'll ever get used to waking up in skin that doesn't quite fit over his bones. After beating cancer (if you can call contracting ly...

    lycanthropy, LGBTQ+, Drama, Horror

  • The Way Of Fate

    by Eona

    Her world came burning down around her- literally. She'd just gotten into a fight with her parents then left with her brother to train. When they came...

    lycanthropy, Science fiction