• Wild Child

    by Melikas

    Meeting his own kind for the first time, Sanzu's challenged to face his own humanity. Having grown up stranded on an island, he's more animal than any...

    macabre, Action, Drama

  • Mayhem

    by J. Lovelace

    A compilation of my works - old and new - arranged randomly in one place. There's a lot of unfinished stuff that I never got around to complete, or j...

    macabre, Fantasy

  • Dino-Priest

    by Nick Dahill

    Explore the life of Dino-Priest as he tries to raise two kids in a world littered with demons and monsters such as Satan, Cthulhu, and more! Thursdays...

    macabre, Comedy

  • The Executioner

    by Choferry

    Horror/Drama/Supernatural "Don't close your eyes..." A story about a boy who was cursed by a demon: He has to fight every time that falls asleep, ...

    macabre, Horror

  • Likho

    by Purrl Pankras

    "Don't wake Likho while it is quiet" Watch the trailer... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIhqEwFvab8

    macabre, Horror

  • All Broken Gods

    by indagold

    A young man trying to live a normal life accidentally gets involved with a world filled with curses and demons. Comic contains mature themes such ...

    macabre, Horror, Action, Fantasy

  • Weird Tales of Elderfield

    by Chris Cote

    Welcome to the strange and remote town of Elderfield. The deep fog, abandoned buildings, and remote location are unsettling enough, but as this story ...

    macabre, Horror

  • Piers! Theatre

    by mohsquito

    Jun is a new employee at Piers! Theatre. Riddled with stage fright and lacking social skills, he makes his way to the top along side the owner, Solomo...

    macabre, BL

  • The Ballads of Saal the Bard

    by Sator

    Short story comics inspired by old ballads revisited

    macabre, Fantasy

  • Wackylands

    by Patt Fry

    Year 2042, third world war. Old ideologies humanity thought were long forgotten rose again. With the new age of technology, the axis powers developed ...

    macabre, Horror

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