• No One Else Knows

    by Sonheelight

    "No One Else Knows" is a collection of very short clichéd or unsual situations that only the protagonist knows. It's story telling relies heavily on m...

    madness, Drama

  • The king of the Demons?

    by Drewafro

    Asmodeus is called the king of the demons, however that title is to much for what he really is. He has bad luck in everything that he does, but his li...

    madness, Comedy

  • 3PanelHorrorStories

    by Angry Bill

    You wouldn't think that much could go wrong in three panels. You'd be surprised. Usually Updates (at bizarre New Zealand hours). Subscribe and be r...

    madness, Comedy

  • Nukageddon

    by Justieno

    A post-apocalyptic web comic about an alien war and the soldiers struggling to survive the impeding extinction of humanity, It's supposed to funny, I ...

    madness, Comedy

  • The Sanity HIATUS!

    by Seokthih

    Hunger, pain, bloodlust, wrath, anguish... These are the essence of underheller's eternally dark soul. His sanity has been asleep since he came to Mor...

    madness, Mystery

  • The Heretic’s Diary

    by F.S. Arbolaez

    A military chaplain documents his experiences during society’s collapse. (A story from the 'Age of the Atroximals' universe.)

    madness, Science fiction

  • Broken Wings and Ruined Magic

    by yggdrasil

    Things have changed greatly since The Great War... Our people.. No. Our world has reverted back to Victorian times, back to nothing but coal. Oil led ...

    madness, Fantasy

  • !HATERS! bye bye freedom

    by Ooka-san

    Interactive story on twitter https://twitter.com/haters_byebyeF (owned by @ooka_Rmacintosh) Follow the story HATERS//you can interact with the chara...

    madness, Horror

  • Key: Alice

    by Ederis

    Un mundo en el que la supremacía del más apto, la corrupción y la injusticia social están a la orden del día. ¿Te atreverás a entrar? Histor...

    madness, Science fiction

  • Alpha X Omega

    by Livi.Southy

    (This is a WolfAU. Everyone is a wolf in this novel) The Alpha is Leo Lyron. Twenty-two, and a strong leader. He doesn't have a mate, but is lookin...

    madness, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Drama

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