• The Boy & the Wolf

    by Z-Pico

    Humor/Drama/SFW Just think of two boys, thinking they’re in the right place, comfortable in their everyday life. Nothing to break their plans for t...

    mafia, BL, Action, Drama

  • Next in line

    by Raines

    The mafia Boss suddenly goes missing and while his right-hand man tries to solve this mystery, he's inclined to find the next best thing to replace hi...

    mafia, BL

  • He's Dating a Mobster

    by Azrael Santi

    Mafia Boss x Single Dad Fluff love story <3 [Updates Every Saturday PH time]

    mafia, Romance, BL, LGBTQ+

  • Sooner or Later You're Gonna be Mine

    by Melikas

    BASED ON THE FANFICTION WRITTEN BY STARINGBACK Frisk sang for a living. She sang in clubs that were populated by mobsters, murderers and the most v...

    mafia, Romance, Horror, Drama

  • Cloud Nine

    by M0N0KR0M

    The shenanigans of Souh Sato and Hiroki Suzuki

    mafia, Drama

  • Bang! Bang! BOOM!

    by Boom Boss

    In an alternate history version of 1933 America, follow the exploits of protagonists Jakub Danowicz and Cheshire Bloom: gangsters, gamblers, lovers. ...

    mafia, Action, Drama, LGBTQ+


    by Lucrecia

    With no home, no destination, no purpose and no hope, an ex-mafioso is on his way to self-destruction until a young waiter stumbles into his life and ...

    mafia, BL

  • Blood Blue

    by ovicati

    Eyes as cold as ice, and in a voice so utterly devoid of emotion, the man - the demon - looked down on me and said: "From now on, you belong to me. Yo...

    mafia, Drama

  • Bang! Bang! BOOM! [New York]

    by Boom Boss

    In the alleyways of 1920s New York, young immigrant and small time gangster Jakub Danowicz meets Cheshire Bloom, an eccentric teen in possession of ex...

    mafia, LGBTQ+, Action, Drama

  • No.37

    by plutoneon

    (previously titled ADDICT) Crime has been on the rise as new constitution enhancers have hit the black market, giving citizens with already extraor...

    mafia, Action

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