• Snowtop School For Magical Delinquents

    by Hannah Hoffman

    He may not be strong. Or smart. Or brave. But he is about to have a lot of magic thrust in his general direction. Godspeed Roshan.

    magical, Fantasy

  • Arcana Rising

    by Kisai Entertainment , Miss Xero , Anzai

    In the kingdom of Aravon, magical power determines one's status in the society. And when your magic is marked on your hand for all to see, that status...

    magical, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • NIK

    by Sam

    Warning: Some blood and cursing. (Get it? Cause they are warlocks...) Also frisky romance. https://www.patreon.com/mechanicalpenguin https://ko-...

    magical, LGBTQ+

  • Rainette

    by Biscuit

    Rainette is a typical teenager, who goes to high school, has friends, and like a lot of teens her age "slightly" lacks self-confidence. Except that Ra...

    magical, LGBTQ+, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • Lilah's Magic Shop

    by drawnbyyannan

    Lilah is new to town and just wants to sell her special potions in her magic shop. However, when she learns about why her family had to flee their hom...

    magical, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • upROOTED

    by Tearwy

    Leo's finally back at a regular school, but the stains of the previous one still haunt him. An easy target for bullies and powerful beings alike, he's...

    magical, Fantasy

  • Your Wish

    by Shameichi

    8 year old Yuna wished upon the Great Fairy tree for nothing else but true love, only for it to be granted by a demon that leaves her with a curse ins...

    magical, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

  • There's Always Something

    by nathalaen

    every day problems evolve when a vain witch, an overly tidy krampus, an apathetic leviathan and an exasperated human share a flat. and sometimes the...

    magical, LGBTQ+

  • Junkwraith

    by Ellinor Richey

    Junkwraith is about a girl facing her inner fears in the shape of a monster, that derived out of a precious possession that yet longs to be possessed:...

    magical, Fantasy

  • Evil Villain Academy

    by FrostDrive

    Phoebe is the only evil pixie in the world. She's got one minion, Sonia, a succubus with crippling shyness. But in order to qualify as a mastermin...

    magical, Fantasy

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