• Magickology

    by Merryweather

    Cecily goes to a prestigious wizarding school and is obsessed with her brother. Art by Selgadis Story by R. Merryweather


  • Magickless

    by Griff Eggshells

    The god of magic and imagination has been exiled, and demons are screaming at the doors of the world. What is a girl and her doll to do? A re-up...


  • Magick

    by Bee

    Potions Master Alice is moving to her old house in a magickal town! She meets up with her highschool friend Laura and makes new friends! What adventur...


  • Magicka

    by Magic Time inc.

    Magic battles, lore, and fantasy. What could go wrong?

    Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Magick Words

    by LaTricia Rayenae

    Magick: The ability to affect change through the power of one's will. Positive affirmations and mantras set to fantasy illustrations. Updates ev...


  • Magickology : Français

    by Darkrooom

    Cécily étudie dans une prestigieuse école de magie et est obsédée par son frère. Dessin : Selgadis Histoire : R. Merryweather Traductions : darkr...


  • Coffee Magick

    by KindCoffee

    Nearly three centuries ago peace fell on the land where war was constant, the age soon called the Trinity age. Present day a mysterious boy named Vigg...

    magick, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Magickology (Old)

    by Merryweather

    Cecily is the most clever, fabulous, and sexy girl, from the most prestigious family of the wizarding world. She is in love with the most clever, fabu...


  • A Radical Affair

    by MagickMartin

    A love story between two 18th century ladies who love ladies. Marianne and Georgiana meet at a ball and form a quick friendship of understanding and m...


  • Painting Adventures

    by MagickMartin

    A comic detailing my adventures with traditional art. Lots of paint eating, bodily injuries and regret tm.


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