• Magick & ME

    by Lol4eva178

    Luca was just an ordinary boy in an ordinary world. until he finds out there is nothing ordinary about him at all, he had powers his whole life but on...


  • Fae Magick 101

    by mike

    A fairy (also fae folk, or faerie) is a type of mythical being or legendary creature found in the folklore of multiple European cultures in the form o...


  • Broken Alchemy

    by MagickFlute

    Elemental Stones have been passed down through generations, along with their power. There has been an unspoken truce, a tradition to leave the holder...


  • The Girl in the Woods

    by rubykitty2807

    Frieda was only five years old when the change happened. Once a normal world, very similar to our own, now full of magick. Her home, the town of Elswy...

    magick, Fantasy

  • The Cities of Dawn

    by Stars and Shadows

    This is the Story about the Cities of Dawn. A land of magick and mysteries. The Cities were long since untouchable by the other Realms and now the Wa...

    magick, Fantasy, Mystery

  • The Covens of Elsewhere

    by Coopta

    A new coven, forming under a gathering storm. Three young adults, each battered by the complicated injustice of a modern world, seek to take control o...

    magick, Fantasy, Mystery

  • Mawd

    by EliMoon

    Many stories begin with 'once upon a time' and end with 'they lived happily ever after.' Fairy Tales they call them, but fairies don't have tales like...

    magick, Fantasy

  • The Sorcerer's Queen

    by Anna Gustic

    Reya has grown up free spirited, a Wanderer; part of a nomadic tribe. She has no idea of her origins, nor any idea about her birthright. But her world...

    magick, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • I Fell in Love with a Necromancer

    by WaterRaven

    Necromancy is illegal. Cecile has lived her entire life on the run and in the shadows. She takes refuge in the small mountain town of Silverbrook, whe...

    magick, Fantasy, Romance

  • The Doorkeepers

    by camillescott1720

    Sisters Andrea and Janet are forced to go on the run, pursued by dark forces, after Andrea steals a talisman from the ancient magic order of the Doork...

    magick, Fantasy, Mystery, Drama

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