by Crookshaw Creative

    It is an age of STEAMWORKS & SORCERY, MAGICK & MACHINERY, RANCOR & REVOLUTION. *** Join the mysterious witch LUNA LUMERE as she seeks out the l...

    magick, Fantasy

  • I Fell in Love with a Necromancer

    by WaterRaven

    Necromancy is illegal. Cecile has lived her entire life on the run and in the shadows. She takes refuge in the small mountain town of Silverbrook, whe...

    magick, Fantasy, Romance

  • Womanomicon

    by Magalise

    NEW UPDATE EVERY MONDAY. Stories about (mostly) women and their spiritual journey through everyday life and the occult.

    magick, Comedy

  • Cambalache

    by aelur

    The world is a dull, boring place for Gualicho. In an effort to escape from the 9-to-5 future that awaits him, he turns to magic(k) and finds more tha...

    magick, Fantasy

  • A Witching Tale

    by Russell LeCroy

    Lucy and her pet ferret, Domino, move in with her grand-mom in a strange new town. Little does she know that mystery, magic and excitement awaits her ...

    magick, Fantasy

  • A Drop of Magic!

    by Ajinx

    What if you lived your entire life thinking you were something that you're not? What if there was something about yourself that you never knew? What i...

    magick, Fantasy

  • Comics On VHS

    by Redthic

    3:33 - Color - Violent Horror Show - Comic If you can stay up past the witching hour, you might catch the strange broadcast known as the Violent Ho...

    magick, Horror

  • The Charmed Bird

    by Alieskies

    Born "Charmed" Robin can have whatever she wants, but life has taught her that such gifts are often curses

    magick, Romance

  • Revista Inexistente

    by mrlockword

    Nunca había existido nadie como él, tal vez por eso estaba muriendo desangrado. Pero en medio del bosque, con su espada en la mano juro que viviría, q...

    magick, Fantasy

  • The Seeker

    by Kibburs

    They said working retail was hard, but this is ridiculous...

    magick, Fantasy

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