• The Boy & the Wolf

    by Z-Pico

    Humor/Drama/SFW Just think of two boys, thinking they’re in the right place, comfortable in their everyday life. Nothing to break their plans for t...

    manga, BL, Action, Drama

  • CRUSH3D!!

    by YAA

    [UPDATES: Mondays 11AM PST] hockey hoodies & hangover hickeys Genres: ⦁Comedy ⦁Drama ⦁Sports ⦁Slow Burn Romance ⦁Slice of Life Subjects: ◆...

    manga, BL, Drama, Comedy

  • Insomnia

    by Paperjeans and Oriya

    Yaoi webcomic of how several people's lives intertwine at the nightclub 'Insomnia'. Let's see what the nightlife will bring them. The story contain...

    manga, BL

  • Crash 'n' Burn

    by Mikiko

    Kyle and Tyler have a passionate hatred for one another. Their first encounter ends in a fist fight, their second one, in bed. Both aim to make it b...

    manga, BL

  • El Violinista y el Nerd

    by Inma R.

    Esta es la historia de amor entre un programador de videojuegos antisocial y un aspirante a violinista. Versión en español de mi comic "The Violinist ...

    manga, Romance, BL, LGBTQ+

  • Miki's Mini Comics

    by Mikiko

    A Comic about an life, art and cats. Usually updates twice a month!

    manga, Slice of life

  • DemON

    by kio-kio

    Handsome, popular with girls, always getting the best marks, pretty rich — there's nothing more for a guy like Demontaniel to wish. His life is flawle...

    manga, BL

  • Prized Bid (Valuable Item)

    by Buruno Saiodo

    NSFW!!! RAD FROM RIGHT TO LEFT. Is the goods purchased at auction always worth the money spent on it? This is my first manga here and yes, this is ...

    manga, BL

  • The Crawling City

    by Merryweather

    [indefinite hiatus] Aria Wintermint lives in a city with her roommate Gug, who just so happens to be a tentacle monster. Art by Parororo Story by...

    manga, Horror

  • Chronoctis Express

    by Aerinn

    In a futuristic world, the gods granted to the human beings the right to say their farewells before dying, by making them leave the world thanks to t...

    manga, Action

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