• Marioneta

    by JimBla

    Marioneta is a puppet drawn, which has begun to question whether he really controls your life. Accompany this little character in his misfortunes to d...

    Slice of life

  • Marionetes

    by Toralves

    Marionetes é uma história de emoções, ação e magia que se passa em um mundo dividido entre duas nações. Nós acompanhamos Elya que junto a sua família,...

    Action, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Marionnettiste

    by medic

    A young witch named Circe is quite the odd one, people would say. After getting kicked out of The Academy for Witches in Training, she has to learn ho...


  • Marionette

    by Alexianee

    Una bambolina pagliaccio di nome Krystal che è stata abbandonata dalla sua padrona. Non ha piu' ragione di vivere finchè una bambina la porta a casa s...

    Action, Drama, Fantasy


    by Hugi

    Gags about Super Mario Brothers and other Nintendo series.


  • soul marionette

    by middlecomics

    a small village of peasants, hiding in the forest, use magic to create wooden puppets to help them with the activities of the countryside; When threat...


  • Marionette Soul

    by Nekomakino

    COMING SOON Release Date: TBA Summary: Marionettes, synthetically created humans, stronger and advanced. Their purpose, serve as guardians of ENTR...

    Science fiction

  • For Marion

    by Sundog Comics

    The brave knights George and Julian venture into a mysterious cave to save their princess Marion! Lo, what monsters await in the dark? Can they surviv...


  • Marionette's Lament

    by HiShi

    It's 2096 in the future and the humans have created artificial beings called AHLD to help them in every situation possible. But diversion soon came an...


  • angry mario

    by j0

    just a stupid thing

    mario, Comedy

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