• The Wastelands

    by Petitecreme

    ::Updated Sundays:: A world left empty from its Gods as the mortals struggle to continue living with poisoned lands, corrupted guardians and aban...

    mayan, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Silent

    by Lydia

    Read RIGHT to LEFT Silent shorts. Not of the pants variety. Here's another : http://comic.manga-audition.com/entries/mothers-hand-by-lydia/

    mayan, Fantasy


    by Ruy F. (Aka Flint)

    On the land of Coatlan lies Macoatl, a tiny restaurant trying to be successful in the land of gods, serpents and other prehispanic oddities.

    mayan, Slice of life, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Neonahuatl

    by Hernán Trevilla E.

    Neonahualt is a science fiction comic created by Hernán Trevilla E., tells the adventures of Xauhqui a teen neo Aztec canine addicted to adrenaline,...

    mayan, Science fiction

  • Kairos

    by Awwwnutts

    Three, a newly anointed 15 year-old King, goes on the traditional King's Campaign across his kingdom accompanied by the infamous criminal group turned...

    mayan, Drama

  • The ruler and the leopard

    by Magoro Graphics

    After the imperial troops harassing the townspeople, Ikub decides he has to do something. He sets out with a plan to hunt the great leopard Nuk Bala...

    mayan, Fantasy

  • God of the Day

    by Zarnox12

    In the vast world of mythology, there are thousands upon thousands of god(esse)s, heroes, creatures, etc. We know the names of the big guys like Zeus,...

    mayan, Fantasy

  • The Rebelion

    by aguatemala

    A group of mayan gods have decided it's enough. They have created a plan to bring them back to their old glory.

    mayan, Fantasy