• Confessions

    by Bsienk

    •See Patreon to support the conclusion!• The year is 1978. Jimmy carter is president. The Cold War is ongoing. Computers for the average consumer i...

    men, Drama

  • No Smoking (BL)

    by Beeleafnsea

    Read from right to left. Comments appreciated!!! Soon after joining an extremist anti-tobacco group, Dr. Cy Maxwell is sent on a mission to take d...

    men, Romance

  • Princess Shenmi

    by ColorfulCony

    Shenmi, daughter of an influencial chinese family, is bought by the japanese emperor Akiyama. Because of her precious talent as a battle sorceress he...

    men, Fantasy

  • The Kuro Clan

    by NoHana

    Meet the Kuro Clan... to read from left to right...

    men, Romance


    by oOShinrinOo

    The peaceful times in the forest of Imnoari are about to end. The local wolf packs and foxes are hunting outside of their traditional territories. I...

    men, Drama

  • Dancing on Starlight

    by Shanachan101

    Dancing on Starlight is an original story about two men and the relationship that blossoms between them, as they prepare for the upcoming Winterfest C...

    men, BL

  • Alive?

    by idamessygirl

    Judah Hill wakes up one day and discovers that he is dead. (No actual schedule)

    men, Drama

  • Superheroes of Faboburgh (BL)

    by Elijah林

    Faboburgh, a fantasy countryside capital city is the homes of superheroes who (are also known as your local celebrities) fight against infections of t...

    men, Drama

  • GL

    by AnneBell

    Girls' Love

    men, LGBTQ+

  • Kiss Me, You Homosexual

    by angrytrollnoises

    Isaac is a 17-year-old highschool student who's heard rumors of "angelic beings" who come and kiss you in your sleep. Every story is the same, the ang...

    men, Romance

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