• Disease

    by Shirigou

    The Ikama Jabri is an investigation procedure that is under the police's supervision which is used to further investigate suspects that pose to be men...

    mentaldisorder, Drama, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • What Anxiety Is For Me

    by TheBrokenGirl1227

    A story about my anxiety and my daily struggles with it i'm writing this to let others with anxiety know you're not alone

    mentaldisorder, Non-fiction

  • Fake Cherries

    by Arei

    They met through a mistake. Cyrus gets through openly gay Elias and finds that beneath the mean popular boy, was an honest and caring guy. Cyrus also ...

    mentaldisorder, BL

  • Regards To Hell

    by _noxen_

    The Harlock family has been around for hundreds of years. They've survived the witch hunts, persecution, and the ever-changing world around them. For ...

    mentaldisorder, Mystery

  • Hazel Pierce

    by skoolschool

    After finally graduating college, Hazel joins a company working under her best friend. For once in her life, things have been stable. The scars of her...

    mentaldisorder, LGBTQ+, Drama, Slice of life

  • What Do I Want

    by sandman

    A book on a lonely "secret schizoid" writer who longs to search the ties between the real world and his own divine fantasies. He finds that...

    mentaldisorder, Drama