• Chaotic Nation

    by Zyephen

    Genre: Fantasy, Action/adventure, BL, Drama Karians were first born during the cataclysm. Once human, the race mutated. In a world already devastated...

    midieval, BL, Action, Fantasy

  • Oops Comic Adventure

    by Potoo Gryphon

    [Updates every Wednesday] Oops is an orphan street rat who discovers he has magical abilities in a city where magic is band. With the help of his f...

    midieval, Fantasy

  • Oops Comic Adventure [Standard Format]

    by Potoo Gryphon

    [Updates every Wednesday, Please turn off ad blocker to help support us] Oops is an orphan street rat living in the medieval city of Castlebury. Ti...

    midieval, Fantasy

  • Locked

    by Snolly

    In the kingdom of Blackbridge, the dear prince has been captured! It's up to the several inexperienced knights to save him, as well as slay the beast ...

    midieval, Fantasy

  • Infinite Legends: Early Earth

    by Jessica Tuggle

    An adventurous series about a serial killer and a naive homeless girl in a world of knights and monsters. The nameless 17 year old girl barely survive...

    midieval, Fantasy

  • Feral Fires

    by KrystalCometStudios

    *EARLY PRODUCTION* Humans wiped themselves out and the evolved animals have taken over. Settling in an age similar to that of human dynasties, thin...

    midieval, Fantasy