• Blinded

    by Unbalance madness

    Blinded Everyone has a path they must go down no matter what but why would ace's path be so broken to the point it leads him to a world where everyon...

    mind, Fantasy

  • Starchild

    by Athelscop

    When an alien baby lands near a medieval abbey, the monks take him in as one of their wards. He is young and seems helpless. However his supernatural ...

    mind, Science fiction

  • Rainbow psyche

    by Simon Hebert

    Various colorful people living in the world of fantasies! What kind of events might these brightly rainbow colored people do within this world?

    mind, Slice of life

  • Singularity

    by Tyler Carpenter

    Singularity is a comic book about the character of Josh Cargill and his search for answers in an ongoing investigation against "The Christmas Killer",...

    mind, Action


    by Pinxos

    Dana y her flat-mate Reyes, they're ready to recive a new tenant in their flat. With his arrival it'll change all that they know and weird events will...

    mind, Slice of life

  • Lost In Memory

    by KeatonTS

    A short silent comic about time, memories, and my portrayal of what depression is like inside my mind. As the title explains, this series is about...

    mind, Fantasy

  • Tevada

    by Rothanavatar

    In the present world where some gods, demons, monsters walk among humans.

    mind, Fantasy

  • A little love

    by Korrar

    Daily mini-stories of human beings and animals. Each episode has an individual story. Hope you feel a little love from normal life ^^

    mind, Slice of life

  • l i f e l o r n

    by Kenzie

    This is a shot at finding my voice again. Any thoughts, poems or short stories will be scribbled out, just for the sake of me to have them written out...

    mind, Slice of life

  • Alex's mind

    by Alezza G

    Just me and my life, my thinking and my day by day

    mind, Slice of life

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