• Deceiving the Dark Duke

    by Josephine Moss , Tapas Media

    The King of Tresterville is a tyrant and no one has felt his wrath more than his music-loving daughter Lilinova. When the Dark Duke, the mysterious ru...

    mistaken_identity, Fantasy, Romance

  • The King's Fur-midable Advisor

    by Abigail John , Tapas Media

    Lurina never expects much from life. After being orphaned as a baby, she just feels lucky to have been taken in by a kind family and to now have a ste...

    mistaken_identity, Fantasy, Romance

  • The Demon Prince (BL)

    by Bambi 斑比

    Lion is an aspiring ballet dancer at high school, dealing with Math tests, budgeting and bullies. That is until he accidentally summons a famous warri...

    mistaken_identity, BL, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

  • August-September

    by SonglessSiren

    Awkward isn’t cute anymore. It’s not attractive, it never was. This is Devi’s opinion, and she’s only about 600 years old so it must be the right ...

    mistaken_identity, GL

  • Monty and Peach

    by Jacob Mitchell

    A mix-up in the mail finds mellow mermaid Peach on the doorstep of Monty Cabrera-Rosalez, who mistakes her for his pen pal. But as a special friendshi...

    mistaken_identity, LGBTQ+, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Up: LIFE

    by RumxXx

    ( Up: Life ) is a story about a girl named Rey, who dies in a car accident, due to unknown sources. Only to wake up the next day, in another person's ...

    mistaken_identity, Action

  • Size 6 Fits?

    by Aui Firaq

    Emma lives with her mentally absent father, his girlfriend, and the girlfriend's sister. To sum up, his girlfriend is Emma's age, and the sister is...

    mistaken_identity, Comedy

  • Torn Pages

    by Chrae Red

    Marigold, a young orphan seeking her fortune, wakes up in a stranger's house and gets mistaken for the missing Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Illust...

    mistaken_identity, Mystery

  • Isabel: Show Me How to Love again

    by evie.eve

    From the day Isabel was born she had always lived her life for other people. She had given up on her dreams to help support her family, but with her n...

    mistaken_identity, Romance, Drama