• V Loved Agency (BL)

    by BISHIEPRO Studio

    Since he was a young Yokai, Kaito dreamed of one day living in the human world. Even with his family against his decision, he never gave up. After fin...

    models, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Size 10

    by Basil

    Al has trouble understanding empathy. It might have something to do with the fact that he was brought into the world a little... differently. He has a...

    models, Romance, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Lights Out

    by AuthorCarola

    A couple of nameless young men who work together in the modeling industry have a series of intimate, explorative nights together, closing whichever ga...

    models, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Piece Of Me

    by Evoluzione

    Strong Man, Earth's greatest champion has unexpectedly left the planet. Now all eyes are on his party girl, daughter Britney to take his place as Eart...

    models, Action

  • Strange Attraction

    by BrainScam

    Olivia Adams; a talented architect who never misses work, but always finds a way to make it thrilling, a needy woman without being so wanting, living ...

    models, Romance