• Squad 12

    by theMAUDunit

    The Magic Defense Initiative is made up of eleven squads of elite soldiers who are trained to defeat magical threats to civilization... And also Squad...

    modern_setting, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • Till We Meet Again

    by al

    Bryan has it all; money, looks, popularity and even a girlfriend. However, when his past resurfaces through his old friend, Eric, he will try everythi...

    modern_setting, Romance, BL, Drama

  • Bottled Inhibition

    by Ai Ri

    If Alex had known that, when the guidance counselor asked him to be a mentor in a shadowing program, he was going to get the most annoying, grouchy, p...

    modern_setting, Slice of life

  • Ghost Tamers

    by Himbo

    DISCONTINUED It's been years since this was updated but I feel like it's a good time to at least update the description for this. In a world wh...

    modern_setting, Fantasy

  • Surprising Octeal

    by Softsful

    10 Pages of weekly updates with 5 break weeks every 2 weeks. -CONTENT WARNING: No nudity shown. References to adult acts and themes. Occasional min...

    modern_setting, Action, Drama, Science fiction