• Monochrome

    by Fyrepyromaniac

    Banished to wander the endless deserts, a young hybrid waits for the time when she can finally return home. Unexpected news will drive her to embar...

    monochrome, Action


    by KaifangHou

    Living in Black and White World. Illust: KaifangHou Story: Aiden S


  • Monochrome

    by Yumi Moony

    Silent Stories I made for Silent Manga Audition contest and I didn't won a prize. All stories are without dialogue. Each episode, a different story...

    Slice of life

  • Monochrome

    by Polillana

    An old man gets lost in the city, and a long-forgotten part of his past come to him all of a sudden: the laughter of a best friend, the blare of war, ...


  • Monochrome

    by maplemochii

    Five young adults, trapped inside the hells of their mind, find one place to escape: the Monochrome. It is a bleak landscape that parallels our unive...

    Slice of life

  • Monochrome

    by SKy Clemens

    Four kids face life head-on while dealing with a multitude of problems including their past. How long will it be before their problems catch up to the...


  • Red Monochrome

    by goddaniit

    The scent of gunpowder. The smoke-filled skies. The sobs from the innocent, and the battle cries from the soldiers. This is what Alexander's life has ...


  • Monochrome Tale

    by Pandamoniumb

    A comic about a Panda and the people in his life. I'm gonna try to go for Mondays and Fridays update! hope I don't get lazy!

    Slice of life

  • Monochrome World

    by VibrantFox

    Welcome to a world of black and white, where pages of thoughts try to weave themselves into a story.....will you be able to make sense of it who knows...

    Action, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Monochrome Familiar

    by Chroma

    When two of the world's heroes are found murdered, fingers start being pointed to those that knew them best. Looking to clear their name, and avenge t...


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