• Level 1 Housewife

    by Askeryna

    Angrboda, also known as The Dragon's Doom is one of the strongest warriors of the realm. She could raid a dungeon in her sleep and saved numerous prin...

    monochrome, Comedy

  • Grow as we go

    by graytonic

    When you have to spend time with your sibling.. - Genre : Drama, Slice of life, (BL) Reading : Right to left Updates : one page every two days!...

    monochrome, Drama

  • Teluro

    by Demikuro

    His obsession with death leads him to a murder.

    monochrome, Horror, Mystery

  • Satyr

    by dispaint

    How one forester accidentally fixed the world.

    monochrome, Horror

  • Luma

    by ZhengoMono

    A demigod's purpose is to serve gods and mortals from birth to death, reincarnating to repeat the cycle. Carrying out her duties, a young demigod is s...

    monochrome, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • monochromatic

    by nelnir

    color is in everything color is everywhere color is in everyone i'm not everyone i'm not a color warning: this comic is being made by a n...

    monochrome, BL, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Monochrome

    by Fyrepyromaniac

    Banished to wander the endless deserts, a young hybrid waits for the time when she can finally return home. Unexpected news will drive her to embar...

    monochrome, Action


    by kawailla

    Jo befriends twins Abel and Mabel when they move to her small, rural trailer park.

    monochrome, Mystery

  • The Last Reindeer

    by nathanKmcwilliams

    In a world where the strange material Hellsnöw has infected and mutated winter's ice into horrific monsters... One reindeer wages a war against the ab...

    monochrome, Horror, Action, Comedy

  • Anxiety and The Need For Perfection

    by MuyuSaysMuu

    A personal work about my struggles with anxiety. I did this as an art project while I was at governor's school this summer. I was so surprised by ev...

    monochrome, Slice of life

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