• Dead Bodies Don't Tell Lies

    by simonlovesdilfs

    A mafia capo and his soldiers get wrapped up in one too many secrets that travel to the Don. Under his orders, one member of the group is to kill the ...

    murdermystery, Action, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • All about you

    by Toxic_Vloth

    Eiji is just trying to have a normal life, until someone named Akio texts him. After that, everything goes downhill. What will he do about it?

    murdermystery, BL

  • Don't Eat Meat


    Don’t eat meat is a story that asks the missing question to the usual animal-style plots, what do they eat? In this world, we follow detective Aka Kum...

    murdermystery, Drama, Mystery, Comedy

  • Jinxed (Lgbtqa+)

    by maddelvinchi

    About 5 years ago Lynn’s father was brutally murdered for unknown reasons, everyone just lets it go including Lynn but after her mother falls ill and ...

    murdermystery, Romance, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • What a Sweet World

    by pastel

    After the sudden and unexplained murder of their friend a bunch of college students decide to investigate the murder after realizing all may not be ...

    murdermystery, Horror, Drama, Mystery

  • Bottlenecked

    by Dog_Tooth_Studios

    The new AMONG administration sends their first ship, The Survivor VI, into space to return the peace between multiple planets to unite against a commo...

    murdermystery, Gaming, LGBTQ+, Science fiction


    by Rooli

    //NEW VERSION CALLED: Imaginary Speaker// How far would you go to protect yourself from the world? Mason; a young kindergartener met his fate ear...

    murdermystery, Horror, Drama

  • Among Us

    by jo e

    This comic if for MATURE audiences. The following contains: - Profanity - Gore/blood - Sexual themes - Cannibalism - Violence There are are 3...

    murdermystery, BL, Horror, Science fiction

  • Mind Reader

    by lasyor

    A rebellious teen with gorgeous looks. A well-behaved student with a passion for sport. A cold- hearted bully with a secret. Three types of popular gi...

    murdermystery, Action, GL, Fantasy