• Body of Evidence

    by AnimeKitty

    Detectives Chris Bailey and Adam Lindel are tasked with solving Abbey's brutal murder. Rumors circulate around that her husband, Theodore, was respons...

    murdermystery, Romance, Mystery, Drama

  • Winged Nightmares

    by heckinheck

    Everyone is scared of something. Lenore Walker knows the deepest fears of everyone she meets. She also knows their everyday worries, failing a test or...

    murdermystery, LGBTQ+, Romance, Drama

  • Wings | SID Book 1

    by Ady Chris

    Head of the Supernatural Investigative Division, Samson Gale has better things to do with his time than babysit police detectives on a Mundane case. B...

    murdermystery, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery


    by eeveeyn

    Reveilia Baskesse, a detective in a universe very different than our own, is startled to wake up to her two of her best friends in her house. She is e...

    murdermystery, Fantasy

  • The Checkmate Murder

    by Newton A Lockhart

    Starting the new semester strong, the mid-semesters dance of the night turns foul as bodies come up left and right. Within their eyes the story will b...

    murdermysterythriller, GL, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • The Execution

    by Sadie Cover

    Lin is longing for peace. Wynne is just following orders. Leslie is desperate to prove himself. Noelle is bearing the weight of her predecessors...

    murdermystery, LGBTQ+, Science fiction, Mystery

  • Regards To Hell

    by _noxen_

    The Harlock family has been around for hundreds of years. They've survived the witch hunts, persecution, and the ever-changing world around them. For ...

    murdermystery, Mystery

  • Warbound

    by Kenna

    Sancha is no longer a Warbound soldier forced to serve The Warmaiden's Empire and their bloodthirsty deity, but the magic runes tattooed onto her arm ...

    murdermystery, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance