• Crash 'n' Burn

    by Mikiko

    Kyle and Tyler have a passionate hatred for one another. Their first encounter ends in a fist fight, their second one, in bed. Both aim to make it b...

    music, BL

  • Miki's Mini Comics

    by Mikiko

    A Comic about an life, art and cats. Usually updates twice a month!

    music, Slice of life

  • Hugger Mugger

    by Fox and Ros

    Seth and his bandmates are supposed to perform on the pub's prime time, every saturday night. Sadly, the slot is always taken by Dare, a solo guitaris...

    music, Romance, BL, Drama

  • Charity Case

    by Malacandrax

    Aspiring musician Julien finds himself relying on the charity of others to get his life back together, but the feelings he’s developing for his new ho...

    music, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Our Red December

    by Mason Ash

    Mario Rossi and Kenny Valentine are transfer students, both awkwardly joining a public school just a few short weeks before winter-break. Kenny fits r...

    music, LGBTQ+

  • Black Keys

    by deeyosa

    BL-Omegaverse. In a world where your second gender plays a big role, Akiko Suzahara tries to fulfill his dreams without his gender dictating things fo...

    music, BL

  • Stick n Poke

    by Tobi and Max

    Mal Hassan is just a girl living on her mom's farm, but when she is offered a once in a lifetime chance to work with her favorite band, she drops ever...

    music, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • One More Night With You

    by breeonne

    Rei, a vocalist and guitarist for a punk band named "Lost Cause." falls in love with a boy band member named Marcello. After Marcello leaves Rei in a ...

    music, BL

  • Love Debut!

    by Nika

    *Now complete* Nick Thomas has charming good looks (though he wouldn’t cry if he were just a bit taller), great friends, and a music career that is f...

    music, Romance

  • Leftovers

    by Dawgofdawgness

    A jazz musician with a dream to make it big finds out that she's not that great. (Don't forget to play the music if you're on desktop! :D)

    music, Slice of life

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