• Wherefore Art Thou..?

    by Ravenkey

    .。.:*☆Updates every second Monday☆*:.。. Jae is a jock and a bully, enjoying the life of making other people miserable together with his little cliq...

    mystical, LGBTQ+

  • Astralis (Discontinued)

    by The Modern Hermits

    We have republished Astralis as a new novel called Astralis: Phantasia at https://tapas.io/series/astralisphantasia

    mystical, Fantasy

  • There's Always Something

    by nathalaen

    every day problems evolve when a vain witch, an overly tidy krampus, an apathetic leviathan and an exasperated human share a flat. and sometimes the...

    mystical, LGBTQ+

  • Oops Comic Adventure

    by Potoo Gryphon

    [Updates every Wednesday] Oops is an orphan street rat who discovers he has magical abilities in a city where magic is band. With the help of his f...

    mystical, Fantasy

  • EDEN - The second dawn (US)

    by Axendre

    «In the land of Eden, once bathed in light, a dark mist appeared... One after another, its people have gone mad and were transformed into Shadows. ...

    mystical, Fantasy

  • Vertigo of the Unconscious

    by sh0d03

    A certain mystical land -nearly devoid of any violence- has been facing sudden breaches of its borders from dangerous outside sources. Caesar, who ...

    mystical, Fantasy

  • Oops Comic Adventure [Standard Format]

    by Potoo Gryphon

    [Updates every Wednesday, Please turn off ad blocker to help support us] Oops is an orphan street rat living in the medieval city of Castlebury. Ti...

    mystical, Fantasy

  • Polymystical

    by CrispyMilk

    Makaela, just your average witch in this modern, monster society. She decides it's about time she move out of her crusty grandmother's house to live h...

    mystical, LGBTQ+

  • Greyling Point

    by Unicorn Empire

    Things have been quiet in Greyling Point for a long time, but things can't be quiet forever. Updates Wed&Tues!

    mystical, Comedy

  • Jarzebiny

    by Jarzebiny

    Vezva's mother made a deal with the black-eyed god. Her child in return for the life of her dead beloved. But at the last minute, she changed her mind...

    mystical, Fantasy

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