• Into My Woods

    by cin_ah

    Nightly wood activities with the mythical papis. A philippine Myth parody for funsies. UPDATE SCHED: HIATUS due to Odette…

    mythical, BL, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Mythical Geographic

    by KnightJJ

    A struggling journalist and an amateur photographer trying to find the elusive Yeti—and keep him a secret—in the middle of Seoul. Premiering Dece...

    mythical, Drama, Mystery

  • Faded Away

    by Qiseki

    "Yuki Onna meets Delinquent." Genres: Romance/Comedy/Slice of Life/Mystery/Fantasy/Action

    mythical, Romance

  • Novaborn: Tale of Inpherna

    by Raptagon Studios

    Inpherna is the daughter of a noble family, with a promising future. But when tragedy strikes, her world is turned upside down. She is now on the run,...

    mythical, Fantasy

  • Monster Crush

    by olifraney

    Ruby and her best friend Ella just want to be treated like everyone else. The only problem is ... Ella's a monster! Updates every Wednesday!

    mythical, Romance

  • Mythical Adventures

    by Clair C

    An adventure of some description... with creatures of sorts.

    mythical, Fantasy


    by mmmjoos

    Things can get pretty dull in a small town, so when Amber finds a small cave just a couple miles out, she eagerly drags her best friend Skylar along t...

    mythical, Romance

  • Oops Comic Adventure [Standard Format]

    by Potoo Gryphon

    [Updates every Wednesday, Please turn off ad blocker to help support us] Oops is an orphan street rat living in the medieval city of Castlebury. Ti...

    mythical, Fantasy

  • The Eyes

    by RainyDayCloud

    A little girl discovers something strange tailing her. This was done as a motion comic with a multi-ended narrative; which is why at some points of th...

    mythical, Fantasy

  • Greyling Point

    by Unicorn Empire

    Things have been quiet in Greyling Point for a long time, but things can't be quiet forever. Updates Wed&Tues!

    mythical, Comedy

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