• Is Hope Real?

    by RoRaven

    Aaron is an 18-year-old gay. He is locked inescapably in a life that is undesirable and difficult to tolerate, scared and lonely. Home is a place that...

    mythicalcreatures, BL

  • Other Realm, Frost Family Series

    by Pennie Wagner

    Finding herself pregnant, Nisha Caldwell returns home to live with her grandmother and ready herself for all the joys and pains of single-parenthood. ...

    mythicalcreatures, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • The Grave Keeper | グレイブキーパー

    by Eva Prescott

    Kettei Fushigina believed none of his small town's myth and magic. Kettei was a failed-college loser, an aspiring-cop, a peculiar sore child of the...

    mythicalcreatures, Mystery

  • Half-Breed of Hartlock

    by Kou.Arts

    Rin Suoh, Demon Prince of Elfgren, a land filled with magic along with the magical creatures who use them. Elfs, fairies, ogres, and gremlins to name ...

    mythicalcreatures, Fantasy

  • Days Of Lunatics!

    by Samara Devlin Haugli

    A modern world of dull cold humans, Influencer Gnomes, Gargoyles working as bodyguards, gangs of Borrowers suffering from kleptomancy, Clowns, mutants...

    mythicalcreatures, Comedy

  • Blood Sakura : The Paranormal Residence

    by FlameClow

    Uncanny events started to occur around Kei when his father inherited an ancient house. As the chain of unexplainable incidents started to push Kei tow...

    mythicalcreatures, Fantasy

  • Dance of Demons

    by Pandafacetm

    Abandoned in a forest as a newborn, Dallmozilluur was rescued and raised by creatures that could only be imagined in dreams. He was brought up in a pl...

    mythicalcreatures, Fantasy

  • Orbis

    by G

    Orbis is a fiction world, where people are actually mythical creatures and monsters from the most famous folklores of our world, the story will tell t...

    mythicalcreatures, LGBTQ+, Slice of life, Fantasy