• Let the Dark Crow Sleep

    by Bunny Watson

    Broken people will flock together for company. After dropping out of med school, Ethan becomes a companion for Nicolas, a biology student suffering fr...

    na, BL, Mystery, Drama


    by Lou&Cait

    Noah expected his first year at Cold Spring College to be an escape from high school drama. When he finds his roommate is an unwanted blast from the p...

    na, LGBTQ+

  • The Artist

    by Saint Caliendo

    Caleb is an artist, he's a master in every possible medium, and nothing less was expected from him as a Wilson, an extended family of high aspiring ar...

    na, BL

  • A Chronicling of a Planet Called Mirra'

    by The Metal

    After the sudden death of their father, four siblings find themselves on intersecting paths of action, adventure, and madness as they each try and fig...

    na, Fantasy

  • Guidance

    by Hooded_Dreamer

    Coming off a devastating war with no real winners, the realm has found itself in another uneasy truce. As longtime rivals eye each other from across t...

    na, Fantasy

  • My Therapist, The Devil

    by Rum

    Allison feels comfortable speaking honestly is in his office. It's where she feels the most confident, being acknowledged and understood despite her t...

    na, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery

  • Minnesota Goodbyes

    by Mo

    M., a college sophomore, is haunted by the events of a year ago that ended another girl's life. In an attempt to clear her conscience, she writes her ...

    na, Slice of life

  • Didn't Bleed Red

    by Spinneyhead

    The alien invasion was halted, but only a tiny group of people know how. Now, hiding from their own governments and alien hold outs, they have to weed...

    na, Science fiction

  • my life at school (2017 pilot)

    by VictorB7

    é um pequeno piloto de uma futura história que será refeita do 0: um garoto que sofria bullying em sua escola acaba descobrindo que tem poderes ext...

    na, Fantasy

  • The Era of Dreams

    by acornhh

    What if everything you thought you knew flipped upside-down? What would you do? Where would you go? The Era of Dreams is an enticing high-fantasy a...

    na, Fantasy, Action, Romance

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