• Suihira: The City of Water

    by Riana Dorsey

    Her whole life, Princess Wahida has prayed for passage to “Suihira,” the holy City of Water, lost to time and myth. When the goddess Akia appears befo...

    nature, Fantasy

  • Skies Unlimited

    by Fany

    Various lyrical vertical paintings with something at the end of your scrolling journey. Wordless. Updated when time allows me. While waiting for ...

    nature, Fantasy


    by HALE

    A blossoming story about Dahlia, the new florist in town, Lori, the local singer who lives next door, and a secret that will change the small peaceful...

    nature, Romance

  • Trivia from Nature

    by Fany

    Random interesting things from nature and obvious facts under new light. Updated when time allows me. While waiting for updates, feel free to chec...

    nature, Fantasy

  • Cursed in blue

    by ArhyaM

    Kane was once a young boy living in a world that enslaved him since birth. But one day the god of war called him to arms, and that changed everything....

    nature, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Wind Rose

    by Sfera

    What if North and South fall in love? It is a story about adventures of Nature guardians. During this tale, heroes will discover secrets, overcome var...

    nature, Romance

  • Blue

    by BOT

    Following the journey of a group of young people who encounter along the way weird and supernatural challenges to solve and overcome. The world has ch...

    nature, Fantasy

  • The Archer and the Squirrel

    by Tieback

    The Archer and the Squirrel tells the story of Lark, a young woman in the pursuit of a better life. When the Colludian King offers a handsome reward f...

    nature, Fantasy

  • Fireweed Moors

    by Gato Iberico

    Fireweed Moors follows the adventures of a cat-headed man and a girl with a sandwich hankering as they accidentally end up in a myth-injected country ...

    nature, Fantasy

  • Feral Gentry

    by arachnodentist

    Tuomi is a fairy who has lived for a long time in hiding among humans, with only his plants to keep him company. His peaceful yet lonely life changes ...

    nature, Fantasy

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