• The Other Half

    by bumblevip

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY that's it that's the description hfhfjdj jk This is a story about Lucas and Ethan, two boys, who'll have to go on adventure...

    new, Romance

  • Clueless Hero

    by Anby and Lee

    The adventures of a clueless hero in a world of video games. Updates every Monday!

    new, Gaming

  • Torment

    by Feygrave

    An eldritch horror-drama about a young vagabond named Dalvin Romás. As he starts his new job as a servant in the old mansion by the sea, he begins to ...

    new, Horror

  • Hair

    by Yuzuki Art

    Bryton, a well known cosmetologist, has a quirky obsession. In a tangle of events, who knew his obsession would go this far.

    new, Horror

  • Princess

    by lol...


    new, Comedy

  • Knights of Asherah

    by Anadia-chan

    Magic isn't real... except that it is. Magic, romance, dark secrets, and Gods that are supposed to be long dead. What could possibly go wrong? Update...

    new, Fantasy

  • EDEN - The second dawn (US)

    by Axendre

    «In the land of Eden, once bathed in light, a dark mist appeared... One after another, its people have gone mad and were transformed into Shadows. ...

    new, Fantasy

  • Contrast

    by hyacinthus

    I try updating every other week. Mild language - I try to censor most but I will Mature the content if it becomes too much. The world consists o...

    new, BL

  • Just Me

    by Marre

    This is a comic about weird stuff that happened in my day to day life, fully pretending that anyone cares enough to read this.

    new, Comedy

  • SweetTea

    by PeachTii

    A romance story between the sun and the moon.

    new, Romance

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