• World At Strife (Hiatus Forever)

    by WhatAHero

    https://www.patreon.com/whatahero Updates every Sunday and sometimes Wednesday! In a land full of fantastical monsters and whimsical sights, a you...

    nightmares, Fantasy

  • Don't Linger in Dark Corners

    by Dylanbeedoodles

    On a night like any other, a young boy named Ray spots a wolfman lurking under a bridge in his hometown. Ray makes a point not to make any contact wit...

    nightmares, Horror


    by MIK

    When sleep won't come...NIGHTMARES will! A collections of short World of DIK stories. First published here, on Tapastic!!

    nightmares, Horror


    by MIK

    Meet MIK. A comic creator who, one day, wakes up in his own comic... 'To be a Comic' is an on-the-go-character-based comic. Which means i don't rea...

    nightmares, Comedy

  • Of Thoughts and Nightmares

    by Dylanbeedoodles

    Enjoy this anthology of weird, dark thoughts and nightmares. Stories are told not only from myself but a number of others. See what kinds of creepy th...

    nightmares, Horror

  • A Dragon’s End

    by DearCorvid

    When a human-dragon hybrid is exposed, her life is put on the line due to the greed of humans. What is there to do when everyone around you is willing...

    nightmares, LGBTQ+

  • Cliff Suicide

    by Lime.Chii ✪

    READ FROM RIGHT TO LEFT [WARNING: Some contents may contain blood and strong languages]

    nightmares, Horror

  • The Lust Series

    by MichiTheThird

    Lust and Castity: Finian and Jack are ushered into a world of Unicorns and Nightmares when they are courted by men from another dimension. Though ther...

    nightmares, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Mystic Shenshu

    by Mayshing

    A mysterious world where words can literally cut like a knife... Those who can manifest and wield their words survive.... Two teens are whisked aw...

    nightmares, Fantasy

  • Project: Dream Jump

    by Airenne

    New page every other Tuesday! On the night of his 13th birthday, whiz kid Cody Modet discovers he’s a Dream Jumper – a hero who can jump into other...

    nightmares, Action

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