• Shiloh

    by [RED] & ☆flynn

    Noir | Supernatural | Thriller When God heard of their sins, he was filled with wrath. He abandoned that place — the tent which he had pitched amon...

    noir, Horror

  • The Premise

    by MGO

    The Premise is a story about the moral contradictions and ethical dilemmas that arise when two policemen discover a criminal gang, commonly known as “...

    noir, Action

  • Liar's Dice

    by [RED] & ☆flynn

    DISCLAIMER: This is a dead comic. It is up for posterity. Shiloh is our ongoing comic and the complete reboot of this one. It's not necessary (and pro...

    noir, Mystery

  • Whatever Remains: Redux

    by A Well Kept Secret

    Welcome to my newest (or not so newest: https://tapas.io/episode/460013) comic, Whatever Remains. WR is a Sherlock Holmes pastiche based in 1920s Lond...

    noir, Romance

  • Visitor

    by Crownwolf

    A mysterious dark creature enters a house beaten down in the snow and finds two bloody corpses. But what happened to these people? A 31 page one sh...

    noir, Mystery

  • Lich Quing's Tale

    by J. Lovelace

    A best friend - it can be another human, a pet... or in Samuel's case, a lich living in the mansion in the woods. Will that bond last forever?

    noir, Drama, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • Sleepless

    by Reinbel

    An interactive comic about a young woman in a big city. ____ Suggestions are taken in every update, and readers guide the protagonist through comm...

    noir, Fantasy

  • Kings Club

    by AmeliaP

    WARNING: VIOLENT CONTENT +18 ENGLISH SPEAKER (PRO) EDITOR FROM CHAPTER 5 ONWARD. Self-contained Graphic Novel. A Sicilian mafia boss' daughter started...

    noir, Drama

  • Red Velvet Requiem

    by Nekko The Odd

    Alexandra Carter lived with only one focus in life, loyalty to her lord and country. Unfortunately for her, other members of her country did not see i...

    noir, Horror

  • Killer On The Roof

    by D. Bradford Gambles

    In the quiet town of Claris Hills, little Bobby McMillan lives a pleasant, average life with his father and his best friend Ravi. But when an unexpec...

    noir, Comedy

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