• Brew

    by milkychai

    Calix, a 21 year old nonbinary college student, can't help but to be intrigued by a seemingly familiar face at the coffee shop they work at. Brew ...

    nonbinary_character, Romance

  • Corvid's Eye

    by Hope Hjort

    Corvid's Eye is a story about 20 y/o nonbinary Ike, who wakes up in a world they don't recognise, an entire life lost to amnesia and with a name that ...

    nonbinary_character, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Peppermint Junction

    by bohacowa

    NO LONGER UPDATING! Currently being pitched for publication.

    nonbinary_character, Science fiction

  • for love

    by Alan Capes

    Archangel Uriel, Angel of Death, is enchanted from afar by a nameless devil of lust, and unsure what to do with these feelings-- so they act to get to...

    nonbinary_character, Romance

  • Journey Into Dawn

    by Jesse

    Two magically inclined islander teens decide an adventurer's life on the waters is the right fit for them. Updates Wednesdays at 5pm (EST)! Chec...

    nonbinary_character, Fantasy

  • Lust

    by Hat and Goggles

    An angel falls in love with a beautiful human and falls from heaven, but the beautiful human falls for them just as hard, just not as far. Created ...

    nonbinary_character, Romance, LGBTQ+

  • NOX

    by ashke

    A girl faces trials and tribulations to save her sister. Nox is a fantasy action-adventure beneath the earth, with some sprinkling of Filipino myths. ...

    nonbinary_character, Fantasy

  • Sense of self

    by HolaLate

    Cao has lived isolated from the world for her entire life and she's sick of it, it's time to get out there and explore the world she never got to see!...

    nonbinary_character, LGBTQ+

  • Diavazo Logs: Motivating a Bookworm Protagonist

    by Pen Ougi

    [Nonbinary Protagonist. Another World Fantasy.] Nori wakes up with no clue how they got stuck in a tree and it does not get better from there. Just ...

    nonbinary_character, Fantasy

  • Six Simple Steps to Successfully Becoming Your Story's Protagonist

    by violentdefence

    Cynthia Elias has a dream to become just like the main characters in her favourite fictional stories! With the help of Isaiah, a greedy and hyper-comp...

    nonbinary_character, Comedy

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