by Miguemaru

    ODIN Technologies are proud to present "VALKYRIE" the synthetic humanoid weapon system. Designed to replace humans in combat, with high output synthet...

    norse, Science fiction

  • Fallacy

    by Damatris

    Some just have the talent for bad decisions. When young earl gets kidnapped, things snowball out of control as the task given to him in exchange f...

    norse, Drama

  • God Complex

    by NamePendingCreations

    The world's ended and there are no humans left. What is left of the Earth is inhabited by the gods. Most of them have taken up refuge in an apartm...

    norse, Fantasy

  • Pantheon

    by Akhilles

    The Gods exist. But they need warriors. Time to meet the Guardians, chosen ones who represent the Gods on Earth. Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Slavic...

    norse, Fantasy, Action, Mystery

  • Midsummer

    by Helevorn

    10th century Norway. Two teenagers, Helgi and Lars, are sharing their experiences from the Midsummer party the night before, learning more about thems...

    norse, BL

  • Realmwalker

    by stargazer31

    Gunhild Gretadottir is the Realmwalker- Asgard's backup human warrior. 2 years after the events of Realmwalker: Chronicles of Asgard, she is invited t...

    norse, Action, GL, Fantasy

  • Wolves Among Danes

    by Dolly Nightmare

    A young princess is forcefully taken from her home by wild and savage Vikings, but this group of Vikings are indeed the beasts townspeople have descri...

    norse, Action, Romance

  • Ulfserk

    by Athelscop

    The lands of the North are cold and wild. Tree-walkers worship her mystic trees, the Iron Folk camp and hunt on her shores, wolf packs roam her fields...

    norse, Fantasy

  • The 94 Knots

    by Serpenk

    "Know that I hanged on a windy tree, for nine long nights..." This is the story of the outlaw known as The Un-Hanged Man. He has a reputation for b...

    norse, Fantasy

  • Zofie's Tale

    by LokiJokie

    Zofie, a young and troubled young god, chooses to leave his family after feeling confused and betrayed. Zofie, a once charismatic and witty rockstar, ...

    norse, BL, Drama, Mystery

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