• Nidur

    by Linn

    Haldur lives with his family in a small village called Vikfrost. Through his dreams he feels as if someone is watching him. And when a group of magici...

    norse_mythology, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • Fox Fire

    by GiveMeThatBread

    Hyeon Falken travels abroad for work to escape his toxic home. Instead, he strolls right into the wolf’s den—literally. The aurora is the afterlife...

    norse_mythology, BL, Fantasy, Romance


    by Miguemaru

    ODIN Technologies are proud to present "VALKYRIE" the synthetic humanoid weapon system. Designed to replace humans in combat, with high output synthet...

    norse_mythology, Science fiction

  • Fallacy

    by Damatris

    Some just have the talent for bad decisions. When young earl gets kidnapped, things snowball out of control as the task given to him in exchange f...

    norse_mythology, Drama

  • Niflheim

    by goodieprocter

    Pun-loving teenager Claire Voyant wasn't expecting death to be so confusing. Instead of peacefully moving on, she finds herself embroiled in underworl...

    norse_mythology, Fantasy

  • postragnarok

    by Lerno

    ...Helheim Correction Facility wasn't so bad after all. Baldr Odinson was imprisoned by mistake, soon he got along with Hel, head of the prison. He ...

    norse_mythology, Action

  • NORSE!

    by pearlpugly

    Ragnarök is water under the bridge and the Gods are rising again! As full time parents, and mead brewers and professors...?? Come and follow the God ...

    norse_mythology, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Mythic Mix Up

    by Gen-os

    Norse Mythology is kinda sketchy... so why not make Asgardians Centaurs? Join the Norse Gods in their myths and maybe others!

    norse_mythology, Fantasy

  • Lets raid a dungeon

    by regabneoj

    Axe the Axe’alotl always thought he was a brave adventurer, but that would change the day he left his safe home world through a magic portal and met J...

    norse_mythology, Fantasy

  • Hel story

    by gin kun

    The story is about the goddess of death - Hel in modern life. One day Hel receives a signal from her human friend about her granddaughter-Felicie now ...

    norse_mythology, Fantasy

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