• Obscure

    by Capri

    Adam was just an ordinary boy. But his life changed ever since he woke up from an accident.

    obscure, Horror

  • Inside the Pillow Fort

    by CrushUniverse

    A young boy is transported to a secret location in the forest where strange and supernatural things occur. The place is dark and unfamiliar. Also, h...

    obscure, Mystery

  • Vostok

    by Cans.One

    (For some weird reason, english version is under the french tag in the translation box). Vostok! space labs and stuff!

    obscure, Science fiction

  • Towny Town

    by Jacob Luther

    Take the edge off life by living life on the edge… and also reading my comics! I post every Wednesday at 5 PM (ET).

    obscure, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Totenkopf

    by AsceticHound

    Redemption ,Repentance, words that are rather ascetic in nature , not everyone gets a second chance ; Death makes sure of that. This story is abou...

    obscure, Science fiction

  • From Felice

    by Listerine

    A collection of short creepy stories, told sometimes with a psychological touch. Each story is independent so you don't really have to check on everyt...

    obscure, Horror

  • To Begin

    by thereisnoed

    A moment from a mind of a fool

    obscure, Comedy