• postragnarok

    by Lerno

    ...Helheim Correction Facility wasn't so bad after all. Baldr Odinson was imprisoned by mistake, soon he got along with Hel, head of the prison. He ...

    odin, Action

  • Mythic Mix Up

    by Gen-os

    Norse Mythology is kinda sketchy... so why not make Asgardians Centaurs? Join the Norse Gods in their myths and maybe others!

    odin, Fantasy

  • The Ribbon

    by Andrew Arcangeli

    Two warrior brothers uncover an ancient artifact that will lead them to the world's ultimate savior. Their grand adventure starts now. Updates ever...

    odin, Action

  • Mirror with Stained Glass

    by Soledad de Los Ríos

    A mysterious murderer is loose on the streets of Coquimbo, and a young student named Felipe Aguirre Cortes will be involved in a situation he would ha...

    odin, Horror

  • Odin and Sean

    by Chris Capozzi

    Sean needed a roommate, and his needs were met by the elder Norse God, Odin. Life is different now.

    odin, Comedy

  • Godstrike

    by jaimep

    'In this world humanity is tainted by those that have the devil's power. They are called Witches. Those that gain the power go mad, losing their minds...

    odin, Drama

  • ImMortals War

    by Writer_of_Stories

    Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and more God's along with the Christian/Jewish God form a plan to stop the threat that is coming. they use their powers to cre...

    odin, Fantasy


    by ScarletNoirre

    [WATTPAD RANKINGS] #14 in 'Persia' | #9 in 'Scandinavia' A Persian courtesan no more... She was trained by the best of the best, only to be ov...

    odin, Romance

  • Norse Gods

    by Foxxydraws

    These are the stories of the highest gods Odin, Thor and Loki and other gods and goddesses out of the Edda and my imagination.

    odin, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Nordische Götter

    by Foxxydraws

    Dies sind die Geschichten der höchsten Götter Odin, Thor und Loki sowie anderer Götter und Göttinnen aus Asgard. Geschichten aus der Edda und auch mei...

    odin, Comedy, Fantasy