• Power Pills

    by bookfangeek

    If you were offered a choice between eight different pills, and each one gave you a different superpower, which pill would you choose? Updates 1:15...

    original_character, Action, Drama, Comedy

  • StarChild SEREN

    by Taffy

    A boy wishes upon A falling star... will his wish be fulfilled?

    original_character, Romance

  • Bad Dream

    by UndeniablyREMI

    Its all just a bad dream- the same bad dreams that happen every time he closes his eyes... too bad- Warui Yume is a rare case, he suffers from Phant...

    original_character, Horror

  • Obscured Descent

    by Feza

    [On Hiatus! Chapter 2 is on it way!] Updates on Saturdays @ 10:30 AM (EST) Feza, a lax and reluctant ferret, is thrown into a magical world by a w...

    original_character, Action, Fantasy

  • Exist EN

    by Monika Laprus

    Young hacker with unusual abilities works with data stealing and corporate espionage. However, fame in the crime underworld and money are not her purp...

    original_character, Science fiction

  • Pansy PtBr

    by Bunda

    Um tenente de elite e um pintor começam um relacionamento e vão aprendendo cada vez mais sobre os problemas enfrentados por cada um no passado e no pr...

    original_character, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Gilbert & Roseboy

    by mog

    Lighthearted mini story of Gilbert Frost (@gomiya__), and Roseboy (@aggelic_yiok) :)

    original_character, Slice of life

  • unfamiliar hours

    by cttnclcks

    The life of Finnish high-schooler Miska Arola is changed in an instant as he bumps into an odd, scarred boy on the bus. Suddenly he's dragged into the...

    original_character, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Legend Riders: Legacy of Leneira

    by LegendRiders96

    Read right to left. Legend Riders consists of two parts, Legacy of Leneira and Rise of Cassandra. Both are connected by place, timeline, and charac...

    original_character, Action

  • 30 Day BNHA Challenge

    by Bakubakubakuhatsukoi

    I started a #0 day hero Aca challenge by fyeahbnha on tumblr feel free to look at it.

    original_character, Comedy

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