• Battleborn

    by Jake Shandy

    After just arriving in Edgemere, Brand is looking to make a name for himself. However, a chance encounter with the young sorcerer Riven changes his pl...

    original_story, Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Devil-Me

    by Poochigo

    Tajima, an unfortunate boy living under unfortunate circumstances, meets a mischievous sadistic little devil (Kai) who has been sealed-away. Delighted...

    original_story, Fantasy

  • StarChild SEREN

    by Taffy

    A boy wishes upon A falling star... will his wish be fulfilled?

    original_story, Romance

  • Akazukin Emily; The Tale of The Sun and Moon

    by doo090

    Emily, the daughter of the former village favorite 'Red Riding Hood', wants to find out what really happened to her mother. Her curiosity sends her of...

    original_story, Fantasy

  • Leftovers - A Hoenn Pokemon comic

    by Pcaara

    Leftovers follows the story of 19 y.o Asadi, a socially awkward girl who sets off on a journey of self discovery after failure to do so 9 years prior ...

    original_story, Slice of life

  • Daddy Babysitter

    by Eyecy

    After his sister decided to take on the responsibility of babysitting a kid for extra cash , Lance is put on disability after a work accident which ca...

    original_story, Romance, BL, Drama

  • Blood Rage

    by Laissemoidanser

    A story set in distant future where humans no longer set the rules. Inspired by Retribution event and the track Blood Rage by Nightcrawler.

    original_story, Action

  • Rarity

    by Morty

    Just a story of teens with animal parts. Nothing unusual there.

    original_story, Romance

  • Serendipity in the Seas

    by onibabae

    In a recluse island, natives and foreigners live in harmony... Or do they? War happens, the seafolk hide from humankind, and love becomes the rarest w...

    original_story, Romance

  • Ultra X

    by Jideyakovsky

    The protagonist of the story is a person who can be seen anywhere like anyone on the streets of this noisy world. Until one day he met a serial killer...

    original_story, Drama, Mystery, Science fiction

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