• Laura from the Sacred Land

    by Alba Glez

    The Imperial Warrior Lhaztnol Bemlong has received, through a vision, an order to go to the Sacred Land to recruit a girl named Laura and train her to...

    originalstory, Fantasy

  • Therefore 74

    by Altel Chagla

    Juriko comes back to her mother's country after graduating from law school in Japan. Will helping her grandmother with the restaurant issues be the ...

    originalstory, Romance, Drama, GL

  • Neighbour Flower (short story)

    by Elijah林

    One day, like every other day, Wolf was mind his own business in his flat, and for some unknown reason, he looked out his window. A glimpse... And...

    originalstory, Romance

  • Salty Business

    by Eleweth

    Story about a young and ambitious pirate captain who lives a careless life and sail seas on his own old ship and with a loyal crew. But one day he fou...

    originalstory, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Why, EMILY, Why?

    by CDProductions

    Emily has always know she was different. She would always find those horror movies filled with gore a good thing to watch, in order to get a good scar...

    originalstory, Horror

  • [fire hazard]

    by deckird

    [right to left] A comic about an anxiety filled loner who takes refuge in their plants.

    originalstory, Drama

  • A Votre Service

    by Marine Lafontaine

    Jimmy Walkers est le gérant d'une grande entreprise de produits cosmétiques. Suite à une découverte révolutionnaire, il s'envole pour l'Amérique afin ...

    originalstory, Drama

  • Sachiel - One-shot comic

    by NORA

    This might have started off as a school project, but I really liked the result and I thought I'd share it here. Enjoy!

    originalstory, Fantasy

  • Darkness of Mind

    by Reptar Crane

    A collection of short stories with themes like horror, drama, thriller, mental ilness, depression and sadness

    originalstory, Horror


    by AneBruxill

    Eyy!! This is a comic im comming back at. I stopped working on it for a while because of college but now imma go head first on this baby. DELETAR is a...

    originalstory, Fantasy

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