• The Other World Ambrose

    by SoSo

    In a parallel universe, Humans and Mahis (beings with magical power) used to live together in peace. After a big war, Mahis and humans were separated,...

    other_world, Fantasy

  • NeverFall

    by RoxyRoo

    Nichole chases a boy to ask his name. She makes a careless wish instead. Welcome to the Endless City.

    other_world, Action

  • Camiare

    by Nie Li

    Dominic Miller lived an average and simple life until he was suddenly reborn as Nathaniel Armis into a strange world. Dominic, now Nathaniel, soon com...

    other_world, Fantasy

  • Skycities

    by kaizuart

    Trouble is afoot in the world of Aeir! A group of young adults find themselves caught in the middle of a crisis-- one that threatens the lives of e...

    other_world, Fantasy

  • Ausragner - The First Exogenous

    by Alexeiv

    Enrique Ortega is just a student, he leads a normal life and lives with his parents. But this will change ... A new world from another era surro...

    other_world, Fantasy, Mystery, Drama

  • Caraway: Tales of Lucidity

    by Pencilz

    Cynthia has strange dreams. Her siblings, who are always getting into trouble, have accidentally awakened an ancient elder god from its slumber. Will ...

    other_world, Horror, Drama, Fantasy

  • sour bride

    by Farnott

    A ceremony has been held, and a couple will be bound together for life. "The fruit of life will ripen at eighteen, and the Silver King will wed an...

    other_world, Romance

  • Maiden in Disguise: New Game

    by BitsyTandem_TheBitzr

    On the planet Eotera, an MMORPG has gained massive popularity, propelling some of its key players to stardom. World-famous gaming sensation Elianna Ad...

    other_world, Gaming, Slice of life, Science fiction

  • Princess Tomboy

    by arislethe

    16-year-old Aiko Suzuki, an avid gamer and vice-captain of her school's Kendo Club, is your typical tomboy. Unlike all of her friends, she hates otome...

    other_world, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance

  • Tale of Two Princes

    by M.ichi

    This is the novel that the webcomic was being drawn from. Will update twice a week until caught up with content and then once a week from there. Yu ...

    other_world, Fantasy

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