• *One True Pair*

    by StudioJiggly

    A tale of love born from mutual understanding and fandom culture. A textfic/novel that blends two writing styles to show the lives of a smutty fanf...

    otp, GL

  • Love Bites: Batrina and Hyde

    by Raco Ruiz

    The unlikely relationship of a snarky, jaded, 422 year old vampire, and a naive, fun-loving, 25 year old werewolf. #CoupleGhouls

    otp, Comedy

  • In the Red

    by Klaustasya

    Rubylin is just a little girl who has spent all her childhood growing up and living with her beloved grandma in an unknown and apparently calm woodlan...

    otp, Romance

  • Legend of Destiny

    by Ani&Ciri

    A young aspiring knight ventures out from home in order to make peace within her kingdom with her mysterious new partner... but what will be in store ...

    otp, Fantasy

  • E. S. Winston

    by lightofhisword

    I'm Killian. I'm gay. And I'm alone. I'm okay though, so please don't waste your sympathy on me and give it to someone who you will actually care a...

    otp, BL

  • Fandom High

    by StephtotheArt

    Imagine a school that only teaches you who to ship, where to discuss your favorite show, movie, book, and even anime. You like the idea? Well, Welcome...

    otp, Comedy

  • Dezelda - OTP

    by EllieArt

    A few comic strips of mine and @samidrawssuff 's OCs. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dezelda

    otp, Romance

  • One True Child

    by Chess K

    "Judging by the cover, this looks like one of those fantasy tales about a young fierce girl breaking free into a new world and growing up. But is it r...

    otp, Comedy

  • Hiraeth

    by fandmwriter

    In the wake of the impending Crisis, Caitlin Snow vanishes alongside Barry Allen. Now, trapped in an utterly fabricated and eerily perfect reality, th...

    otp, Romance, Drama, Slice of life

  • Undercommon

    by Anon E Moose

    In a world of myths and legends one goblin sets out to discover what keeps her people on the bottom of the EXP food chain and change things for monste...

    otp, Action, Fantasy