• Blood Moon

    by Leveret Moreau

    Tsuki is a werewolf, a rare male omega. He's abused by a pack which considers him useless- until he meets a charming alpha from an illegal pack and fi...

    pack, BL, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

  • The Mouse and The Wolf

    by Dolly Grand

    Oliver's life turns upside down when he learns that werewolves exist and one of them is his mate, but things get dangerous when he starts to learn mor...

    pack, BL, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

  • Demon

    by N.A. Carson

    Aden Perri has problems. The last day of school his girlfriend calls it quits. And proceeds to move on a little too quickly. His friends disappear,...

    pack, BL

  • Paper Tiger

    by glyn

    A werewolf's life is a constant battle, but a chance to meet your soulmate eases the trials for most. Trae is happy with the mate he's given, a cute a...

    pack, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • House Cat (ManXMan)

    by J.R.Hillis

    Leo had no problems fitting in anywhere until he moved into a strange town run by werewolves. Once a feared feline now an Alphas pet. Cats don't ma...

    pack, BL

  • Selected

    by M.L. Francis

    Sometimes your wolf knows better than you. Time is running out for shifter Ray. With his thirtieth birthday fast approaching, he knows he must sele...

    pack, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • Shadow of Twilight

    by fairytalehl101

    Amelia Smoke was ready to start her life, to explore the world and find herself. Her twin brother was taking over her pack and she was free to be the ...

    pack, Fantasy, Romance

  • Healed

    by M.L. Francis

    A young and ambitious wolf shifter gets the chance to work for the Ghuardian. When she starts her new task there, Caitlin takes care of one of the Bet...

    pack, Fantasy, Romance

  • Black Forest

    by Stevie Wilson

    Our story is about a young man who didn't plan on being a werewolf but now is, he finds himself forced to live with his new "pack" and we get to watch...

    pack, Drama

  • Ment to be mates (~First time rejected, Second time in love~)

    by Hatori_the_nerd

    This is the first book of the series named "Ment to be mates". There will be no description like telling something from the book. I don't want to rui...

    pack, BL

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