by Voize

    NO WORD is an fully coloured 22 page long sideproject (playing in the future) to Hom[m]E with my characters Akito and Shiki, which have an erotic and ...

    pairing, BL

  • Tender Love (old chapter 01)

    by ChiineArtist

    'Tender Love', the old version of chapter 1 of my Yu-Gi-Oh! fan-doujin. There is a re-made version of it here: https://tapas.io/series/LostSoul . I ...

    pairing, Drama

  • From Good to Evil

    by northstar2x

    A Xiaolin Showdown fan comic, based around the relationship between the canon character Jack Spicer, and my character Shaye.

    pairing, Drama

  • Sam in New York: The Anthology

    by FortunusGames

    A companion to the graphic novel "Sam in New York," this anthology is a collection of short stories about Sam, his family, and his friends, exploring ...

    pairing, Romance, Drama, Slice of life

  • Little League

    by Eyo

    Short love story from Overwatch, based on Soldier-76 x Mercy pairing. Main music theme is Cap n' Jazz 'Little League'. Probably touching. __________ ...

    pairing, Gaming

  • Faction Legends

    by Smudge

    The Faction: A place where champions come to train and take jobs to put their unique skills to use. A collection of tales of different champions an...

    pairing, Comedy

  • Thistles

    by Jason Payne

    Short stories by Jason Payne. Posted monthly. These short comic stories draw inspiration from mysticism, symbolist art, tarot, and folklore in orde...

    pairing, LGBTQ+, Comedy, Fantasy