• Maybe One Day

    by zalopsyia

    Yuki’s favourite pass time is fangirling over the protagonist of her favourite anime. But, what happens when the fictional character turns out to be n...

    parallel_world, Romance, Fantasy

  • IAN

    by AluAlexa

    Mia loves new tech and everything related, except for a particular watch, which turned her life upside down and burned her dream of creating the perfe...

    parallel_world, Romance, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Naroaika

    by Shibo

    'I was falling. There seemed to be no end to this fall... I looked around but saw nothing. Suddenly, a light shone brightly from above. I covered my...

    parallel_world, Fantasy, Romance

  • Invoked

    by AYAN

    One night, lots of people vanished from Earth. They left no traces, only chaos, as many influential individuals disappeared too. They were invoked to ...

    parallel_world, Fantasy