• team26

    by roeschen

    Saving the world is not an easy job. Especially if no one tells you how to do it. Seriously, does anyone know? I mean, anyone? Guys, we're getting pai...

    parallel_worlds, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Nearly There Nicely

    by veraca

    Will has been living the last several years as a servant to his father and new step-mom, and as a result of his father's amnesia, he has taken a large...

    parallel_worlds, BL, Fantasy

  • Alter Twins

    by Raynart

    The encounter of Reina, a girl from a Dragon World, with her alter-ego from the World we all know, Rena!

    parallel_worlds, Science fiction

  • Nice to Meet You

    by veraca

    〖complete〗 Elle's father has died, leaving him a stoic bodyguard: Vlalan. Through the midst of mystery, magic, fantasy, and danger they must become f...

    parallel_worlds, BL

  • Doubles

    by Milkita

    Upon losing a library book essential for her to graduate high school, May Waxer meets a young scientist who offers the possibility of retrieving the b...

    parallel_worlds, Science fiction

  • Parallel World

    by Paranormiac

    16 year old Koko Kashi leads a typical boring life until she meets her new room mate, who wields a magical amulet that transports the wielder into the...

    parallel_worlds, Fantasy

  • Lost Paradise ~Reminiscences~

    by Raynart

    Oneshot (2010) Reya, a young woman, discovered that she lives in a mysterious world connected with 2 other parallel worlds.

    parallel_worlds, Action

  • Insight: The Novel **HIATUS**

    by Kemba D.

    https://www.wattpad.com/story/97155822-insight It was just supposed to be another Friday night. Just like any other day of the week, but a freak eart...

    parallel_worlds, Science fiction

  • Murim Recurve

    by Overlord_Venus

    What happens when Virtual and Reality swap places? Humans have become NPCs, their lives now bound to a couple of lines and actions. On the other hand,...

    parallel_worlds, Fantasy, Action, Horror

  • Granite waves

    by Tezeze

    I prefer to say that we’re border guards. We just work on the border of worlds and not countries. The spatial hole, a place that intertwines worlds, b...

    parallel_worlds, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

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