• The Path

    by -Kay-

    The world is decaying, covered almost entirely by a deadly white ground. People can only survive in a few protected spaces, far from each other, fearf...

    path, Fantasy

  • The Charmed Bird

    by Alieskies

    Born "Charmed" Robin can have whatever she wants, but life has taught her that such gifts are often curses

    path, Romance

  • A Smiling Path

    by Amanda Devane

    When the famous artist Kile Steel appears the next day as Dr Hearth's newest patient, can he pull the young man back to the world of the living? A li...

    path, BL, Fantasy, Mystery

  • And all the dead lie down

    by claratanart

    Short piece for a school assignment! The theme was 'A lonely path' First attempt at a web comic :)

    path, Drama

  • Cuckoo's daughter

    by Irati Vida

    A woman is running away with the only family she ever met, an egg. Will she find a place to call home? Will that egg thrive an become and flying bird...

    path, Drama