• Singmire Haze

    by nox.fox

    In the business-driven city of Singmire, jobless Finch quietly copes with life, until he gets to discover that his online boyfriend happens to be a ch...

    philosophy, Science fiction

  • The Big D

    by The Big D

    The Big D is a weekly webcomic drawn and created by Teo Yu Siang. The comics are about university, science, and basically everything else in life.

    philosophy, Slice of life

  • 1111 Comics

    by 1111

    Life and happiness. Turn back, you'll learn nothing here.

    philosophy, Slice of life

  • Live, Laugh, Love

    by Achiru

    The philosophical moments and conversations of a family in a fantasy world gone post-modern. Storyline comes and goes. Warning: Your mind might be blo...

    philosophy, Slice of life

  • Messycow Comics

    by Weng Chen

    Hi! I'm Weng Chen, this is a comic about my daydreams. More art: http://messycow.com Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/wengchen Book: ink: https:...

    philosophy, Comedy

  • Which Would You Choose?

    by SpaceMonolith

    A new doctor arrives in the mental hospital. This story tells his and one of his patient’s conversation. The patient’s hair has grown into her fac...

    philosophy, Horror

  • Ideas Of Another World

    by SoraSabi

    my tryhard emo art phase

    philosophy, Slice of life

  • Tyrant Twin

    by Lin Kadel

    In the dark heart of a half-drowned city, a monk and an archivist discover that a single name is enough for them both. Early updates available via Pa...

    philosophy, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Perfection Engine

    by Victoria C.J.

    [COMPLETE] A race of angelic beings called Eidolons strive for a perfect society as penance for their beloved Maker. One day, the Maker will retu...

    philosophy, Fantasy

  • Paper Crane's Origin

    by Little-Noko

    Where timelines and lives ends, in the void are countless shattered souls struggling to remain alive and come back to the living world they came from....

    philosophy, Mystery

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