• Flóra

    by skatuya

    The tale of two girls. One who was afraid of the witch in the forest and one who became the witch... [Updates irregularly]

    plants, Drama, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Aloe

    by glowbat

    When a rude amnesiac robot named Fin ends up in their care, Aloe’s quiet life becomes chaotic. Together they look for a way to restore his memories- b...

    plants, Science fiction

  • Terra Firma

    by AshTulio

    As overpopulation persists on a culturally divided Pangea, an unusual group of travelers must survive a mysterious new plague.

    plants, Fantasy

  • Prickly Pear

    by colleenlaurel

    Hawthorne’s love life is a bisexual disaster. He’s got two crushes, a crazy ex, and intense anxiety. To find love and confidence, this botanist must c...

    plants, Romance, LGBTQ+

  • The Flower Boy

    by KumiBoo

    Bl/Fluff A teenager who love mother nature living alone in Tokyo , pretty basic right ? Add a magical seed and thing will get "crazy" .

    plants, Romance

  • Cactus Flowers

    by DrNightPhlox

    Max has spent most of his life in the foster care system until he's finally adopted by a blood relative. Now, back in his mother’s strange hometown he...

    plants, LGBTQ+

  • HOME

    by barbawk

    what does 'home' really mean? it's different for everybody, i suppose. a 12 page comic about what one meaning of the word may be.

    plants, Slice of life

  • Bernie and the Demon

    by Hari

    In an empire where magic is very banned, a girl summons a demon to avoid an arranged marriage. What could possibly go wrong? Magic, really over-the...

    plants, Fantasy

  • us with plants on our heads

    by Indiana-Jonas

    this one is for all of you out there with a plant on your head

    plants, Slice of life

  • Extra Aloe

    by glowbat

    Need more Aloe? this is a home for extra art and mini comics of it! *contains minor spoilers for characters introduced later on

    plants, Science fiction

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