• All Are Not Hunters

    by Panimated

    "All are not hunters" is a comic set in the fictional land of Nivaeica - in the late pleistocene. Predators have learned to co-operate to create an el...

    prehistoric, Mystery

  • Dinnersaurus Rex

    by bemily

    No dialogue, but cute dinosaurs. "Dinnersaurus Rex" is about a family of 3 dinosaurs just being themselves; Mamasaurus is a single mother of two, Sw...

    prehistoric, Comedy

  • Hominids

    by Jordan Kotzebue

    Hominids is a prehistoric action-adventure comic where Neanderthals are at the top of the food chain and humans are struggling to survive. The story f...

    prehistoric, Fantasy

  • Kings of Fire

    by McKaren

    The world is going through an Ice Age and dragons are the natural rulers of their land. Their hability to take humanoid forms allows them to inhabit a...

    prehistoric, Fantasy

  • Out of Time

    by IndiWolf

    Updates every Wednesday! T is a Troodon. A prehistoric creature, captive bred in a modern facility; after his world is turned upside down he is f...

    prehistoric, Science fiction

  • RAWR! Dinosaur Friends

    by HMcGill

    RAWR! Dinosaur Friends has all the dinosaurs. Yes, ALL of them. ...Or at least as many as will fit into one- and two-page vignettes!

    prehistoric, Slice of life

  • Dino Lordz

    by Lavvy

    Millions years ago, long before the rule of the mammals, the planet was dominated by ferocious giant beasts, known as Dinosaurs. For dinosaurs, their...

    prehistoric, Action

  • Trilobite Terrace

    by Sam Walker

    Dinosaur roommates of the Mesozoic.

    prehistoric, Comedy

  • Fire

    by Meghan

    Fire is a story about a homo sapien girl named Matay and Neanderthal girl named Buna who accidently meet each other and, despite their differences, fi...

    prehistoric, Fantasy

  • Hollow Bones

    by Kurera

    Some people shouldn't leave their cages, especially not if they can't control themselves. Seraphin, who swore to stay away from humanity because of hi...

    prehistoric, Romance

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